You can choose to purchase an untimed or timed test.

Each test number below represents the same test. For example, Practice Test 1 (Untimed) is the same test as Practice Test 1 (Timed). Purchasing two or more of the same test numbers means you will get to practise the same test multiple times.

If you want to practise two different tests, then choose two different test numbers (eg. Practice Test 1 & Practice Test 2).

For schools and institutions, please contact us to enquire about special pricing for bulk test purchases.


Choose an untimed test to sit an IELTS practice test without a timer. You can complete each section of the test at your own pace.


Choose a timed test to sit an IELTS practice test under timed conditions. There is a time limit to complete each section of the practice test, like the actual IELTS test.

Find out about the IELTS Academic test format.

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